Conference paper and presentation

Metastructures with a single vibration absorber: how to design it and where to locate it to achieve broadband vibration attenuation?

S. Nikacevic, I. Kovacic,

International scientific conference planning, design, construction and building renewal INDIS 2023,

Novi Sad, Serbia, 16-17 November 2023.

Design and performance analysis of lightweight metastructures: theoretical, numerical
and experimental investigations,

Kovacic, Z. Kanovic, V. Rajs, Lj. Teofanov,

29 th International Congress on Sound and Vibration ICSV29,

Prague, Czech Republic, 9–13 July 2023.

KEYNOTE – Chains in Nonlinear Dynamics: from theory to the design of metastructures, 

Kovacic, I., 

Mini-Symposia – Nonlinear Dynamics in Mechanical and Structural Systems, 11th European Solid Mechanics Conference to be held in Galway, Ireland, 4th – 8th July, 2022 (ESMC 2022). 


Kovacic, I., Kanovic Z., Rajs, V., Rakaric, Z.

ETIKUM 2021, International Scientific Conference Novi Sad, Serbia, 2-4 December2021

Journal papers

Ultra-broad bandgap induced by hybrid hardening and softening nonlinearity in metastructure,

J.L. Zhao, H. Zhou, I. Kovacic, R. Zhu, H.Y. Hu,

Nonlinear Dynamics, 2023,

Vol. 111(19), pp. 17687–17707.

On the influence of internal oscillators on the performance of metastructures: modelling and tuning conditions,

I.Kovacic, Lj. Teofanov, Z. Kanovic, J. Zhao, R. Zhu, V. Rajs,

Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, 2023,

Vol. 205,  Art. No. 110861.

Integrated design of a lightweight metastructure for broadband vibration isolation,

J.L. Zhao, G. Zhou, D.H.Zhang, I. Kovacic, R. Zhu, H.Y. Hu,

Journal: International Journal of Mechanical Sciences

Vol. 244, 15 April 2023, Art. No. 108069 (17 pages)

Metastructure with integrated oscillators of constant, linearly and nonlinearly varying natural frequency,

I. Kovacic, Z. Rakaric, Z. Kanovic, V. Rajs, 

Journal: Frontiers in Physics Sec. Physical Acoustics and Ultrasonics

Vol. 10 – 2022