Project Acronym: NOLIMAST
Project Title: ‘Noise and Vibration Isolation via Nonlinear Metastructures’
Project Call: Bilateral cooperation between China and Serbia
Project Duration: three years (2021-2024)
Partner Institution in Serbia: Faculty of Technical Sciences, Centre of Excellence for Vibro-Acoustic Systems and Signal processing CEVAS, Novi Sad
Team Leader in Serbia: Professor Ivana Kovacic
Partner Institution in China: Beijing Institute of Technology
Team Leader in China: Professor Rui Zhu
Project Objective: To design, analyse, fabricate and test innovative nonlinear meta-structures for low-frequency noise and vibration isolation

Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT)

In 1940, Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT), the first science and engineering university was founded in Yan’an by the Communist Party of China. It has been one of the key universities in China since the founding of New China and the first batch of universities which has entered the national “211 Project”, “985 Project” and the “Top A World-class University”. The name of BIT was inscribed by Chairman Mao, and Li Fuchun, Xu Teli, Li Qiang and other older generations of proletarian revolutionists successively took the lead of the university. The university is now affiliated to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. All the faculty members and students are striving for the goal of “two hundred years” of the national standard, and are fully committed to the goal of building a world-class university with Chinese characteristics. READ MORE

Faculty of Technical Sciences

The Faculty of Technical Sciences, a place that, for more than six decades, fosters the continuous development of higher education, science and economy. The dedicated and devoted work of its more than 1,200 employers: professors, assistants and non-teaching staff is guided by a common vision and their success is confirmed by the most important parameter of the quality of such an institution – the trust shown by 16,000 future engineers currently studying at our faculty. I can proudly point out that this is what makes us the largest higher education institution, not only at the University of Novi Sad, in the Republic of Serbia, but also in this part of Southeast Europe. READ MORE